NieR Automata Trailer Showcases The Final Fantasy XV Crossover

Gamers are quite excited for the upcoming game NieR Automata and Square Enix has been revealing new details about the game to keep the hype up. This time Square Enix has launched a new NieR Automata Trailer that reveals the game’ crossover with Final Fantasy XV.

The new NieR Automata trailer showcases that the crossover will allow players to use weapons from Final Fantasy XV. The trailer showcases playable character YoRHa No2 Type B fighting enemies using Noctis’s teleport skill while using his “Engine Blade” weapon.

Recently, NieR Automata’s character designer Yuya Nagai shared a couple of artworks for the game’s Yorha troops commander and the two enigmatic characters Adam and Eve.

The most interesting thing about these characters is that Yuya Nagai did not design them for work but these were designed in his own free time and initiative.

NieR Automata will be launching exclusively for PC and PlayStation 4 but Platinum Games has not ruled out the possibility of bringing the game to Xbox One.

According to producer Yosuke Saito, Platinum Games is considering to release NieR Automata to Xbox One. However, he added that the decision will be based upon the success of the game for PS4 and PC.

Also, the game will support Sony’s upgraded console PlayStation 4 Pro and the game will not only be running at 60 FPS but will also bring 4K resolution for the fans.

Platinum Games has also confirmed that NieR Automata will feature an Auto-Mode, which lets players sit back and let the AI complete battles for them. But it will only be available for easy difficulty.

NieR Automata is an upcoming action RPG in development at Platinum Games and is scheduled to launch sometime in 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PC.