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Latest Patch For Inside Removes Denuvo DRM And Brings Minor Fixes

While video game developers and publishers have been using the Denuvo DRM for their games to stop the piracy, Playdead, on the other hand, has removed the DRM from Inside through the latest patch.

Playdead’s Inside is full of horror and dark imagery but one thing that will no longer be featured in the PC version of the game is Denuvo DRM.

Playdead has launched a new patch for the game and the only patch notes for this game are that it removes the DRM and brings minor fixes. The devs have not shared any specific as to why the DRM was removed, but gamers are welcoming this change with open arms.

While Bethesda is not known for using the DRM for its game but the company did utilize it for its recently released Dishonored 2.

Since this DRM tool has been introduced, it has become very difficult for hackers to crack the games. While Denuvo Antitamper has proven very efficient against piracy, but no security measure lasts forever, as hackers have managed to bypass this DRM tool, and games like Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Doom, and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst have been cracked.

However, it is still an effective security measure against the piracy of the games as there are still a lot of games that use this DRM and still, hackers have not been able to bypass them.

Inside is a puzzle-platformer game developed by Playdead for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.