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Ark Survival Evolved Patch 747 Brings CrossArk Transfers For Xbox One And More

Studio Wildcard has been constantly supporting Ark Survival Evolved through updates. This time the developers have launched Patch 747 for Ark Survival Evolved on Xbox One that enables the CrossArk transfer and more.

Developer Studio Wildcard has implemented an open-borders policy through patch 747, meaning Xbox One players of Ark Survival Evolved will be able to freely transfer their creatures and items between servers.

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Previously this functionality was limited to bringing creatures and items from the Scorched Earth to the island. Interestingly this change has also caused an imbalance as some tribes are building on the paid expansion and then raid the players on the other two maps.

However, Studio Wildcard has come up with a solution for that, now players will be able to transfer a dinosaur only once in 12 hours. This will prevent a tribe to storm in and then storm out with their tamed creatures.

Another welcome change that comes with this patch 747 is the nerfing of the Turkeys for the Turkey Trails 2 event.

The developers have totally turned down the aggressiveness of Turkeys, they are now only defensive and will attack if players riding other creatures attack them, also their stats have also been reduced.

  • Full CrossArk transfer enabled thru all Official Servers within a particular game mode
  • Xbox fixes for dinos spawning in bases
  • Turkeys are non-aggressive now, only defensive, and have slightly reduced stats
  • DodoRex takes 400 wishbones on Xbox servers now

Ark Survival Evolved is an action adventure survival game in development at Studio Wildcard. The game is currently in early access for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and is expected to launch in December 2016.