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December Games With Gold For Xbox Consoles Announced Today

The December Games With Gold on the Xbox One have been announced today, showing the games that will be available on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One for free, if the players that buy them have the Gold variety of Xbox One membership. The games included are Sleeping Dogs, Outlast, Outland, and Burnout: Paradise.

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All of the December Games with Gold were positively received when they first released, with three of them leaving a significant impression on the gaming community to begin with. So, if none of the current games available for the Xbox Live Black Friday Sale don’t tickle your fancy, you can buy these four games depending on what consoles you’re on and go on your own adventures in Hong Kong, an abandoned insane asylum, and more.

Sleeping Dogs and Outlast have even gotten a re-release for the Xbox One and a sequel, respectively, both of which have proven to be big successes that were or are highly anticipated (even though Outlast 2 has been delayed until sometime next year.)

Normally these games would still cost you a good bit of money if you bought them: Sleeping Dogs would run you thirty dollars (though that does include all of the DLC that the game came out with on the 360), Outlast would cost twenty dollars, Outland would cost you ten dollars, and Burnout: Paradise would cost you fifteen dollars ordinarily. Altogether the games would cost you 74 dollars, but with Games with Gold, you can buy them for free.

Until the December Games with Gold games become available, however, players on Xbox consoles can take part in the Xbox One Black Friday sale, which allows some of the year’s most popular games to come out at substantial discounts, and if you’re a Gold member, you can get an even bigger discount than before.