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Watch Dogs 2 PC Gameplay Shown Off By PC Gamer, Looks Good

The official PC Gamer YouTube channel has posted a video talking about the way that Watch Dogs 2 PC gameplay looks in the game’s PC port, which has yet to come out. This leaves the game mainly in the hands of console gamers on the Xbox One and Playstation 4, but how does the PC port look?

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According to the review, it actually looks pretty good, barring a few petty issues. The game looks really good, and takes place in a nearly completely accurate portrayal of San Francisco, though various areas of the city that aren’t major parts of the area have been omitted, such as the entire southern half. All the same it’s a very good example of virtual tourism, though that’s not really anything new for Ubisoft.

The Watch Dogs 2 PC gameplay has also taken into account various ways to play the game without having to use a controller, like many games that aren’t first-person shooters normally do. Instead playing the game with mouse and keyboard comfortably is entirely possible, and there’s little to no input lag between the controls and the game.

Considering that many ports of high-profile games end up having a good number of problems, the fact that the Watch Dogs 2 PC gameplay looks good and appears to be indicative of the final port. However, there’s also the matter that the video has a notable disclaimer. The PC footage that they got was a preview build using a very specific rig intended to run it at the best possible quality. Whether or not Watch Dogs 2 will continue to be at that quality when it actually comes out and has to run on multiple different rigs remains to be seen.

The Watch Dogs 2 PC port will be coming out on November 29, next week, and the PC requirements have already been released.