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The Walking Dead Season 3 Release Date Revealed By Telltale Games

Even though Telltale Games is currently developing its Batman episodic series of games, that doesn’t mean they’ve sat idle. Just today, the studio announced that The Walking Dead Season 3 finally has a release date. Entitled “A New Frontier”, the game will arrive on store shelves on February 7 of next year. A digital version will come out on December 20 of this year.

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While Telltale Games has been making episodic games for a long time before now (making video games based on the Sam and Max series of games and more), their episodic story for The Walking Dead (a licensed video game that ties into the TV series, which is itself based on the graphic novel series) put them on the map of many gamers.

Since they finished the first season of The Walking Dead, Telltale has developed a number of other licensed episodic games based on other properties, such as Game of Thrones, Borderlands, Fables, and now Batman.

While they’ve recently gotten some criticism due to the divisiveness of some of their properties (such as The Walking Dead season 2 and Game of Thrones), they’ve managed to keep a large number of fans and win back detractors through other series.

The studio has also released a number of The Walking Dead miniseries, focusing on the affairs of other survivors such as a variety of minor characters that appeared in Season 2 (many of whom made appearances in the 400 Days expansion) and the Michonne miniseries (following the character Michonne from the graphic novel and TV drama).

The Walking Dead Season 3 will likely continue to follow Clementine, likely now even older, as she and the survivors of the second season (likely either Kenny or Jane) fall in with new groups of survivors, and try to survive in a world where the walking dead now far outnumber the living, and common human decency is in short supply.

However, whatever The Walking Dead Season 3 brings, hopefully Telltale’s own storytelling is up to snuff to be able to do it justice.