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Leaked Documents Details What Sleeping Dogs 2 Could Have been

Sleeping Dogs was an instant hit at its release and fans of the game are still wanting more of it. However, with the United Front Games being shut down any hope for Sleeping Dogs 2 has died with it.

While we will never get to see Sleeping Dogs 2 but some documents have appeared on the internet that detail what Sleeping Dogs 2 might have been. According to Waypoint, they have received detailed document from their sources that detail the early development of the game.

According to the report, United Front Games pitched the idea for the game to Square Enix in early 2013 but was canceled in 2013 and never went into the production phase although the game was under serious consideration.

According to the document, the game would have picked right after the events of the first game and officer Wei Shen again would have been the protagonist along with his corrupt partner. Sleeping Dogs 2 was to be set in China’s Pearl River Megacity.

The game would have featured a branching storyline that would have swapped between both Shen and Fang.

Sleeping Dogs 2 would have featured co-op play along with a companion app through which players could influence the main game’s world by bringing things like helicopters. This almost sounds similar to that of the first Watch Dogs.

The most interesting part of the document is that the developers would have used the player’s cloud saves to determine the crime levels in the neighborhood across the game and “then mapping that crime to the difficulty level in policing those neighborhoods in the individual’s games”.

The game never came to fruition as Square Enix, the publisher of the game, was too busy focusing on The Tomb Raider and Hitman franchise.

However, it does make us wonder what the game would have been if it had gone into the development but hopes for a sequel are still intact as the rights to the Sleeping Dogs franchise are owned by Square Enix.