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Players Experiencing Pokémon Sun and Moon Softbans After Losing Connection To Game

It seems like a feature intended to target scammers is now becoming a hassle for some unlucky players who are being hit with Pokémon Sun and Moon softbans.

Developers Game Freak added a penalty system to the Global Trading System for Pokémon games but unfortunately the system is now also serving out Pokémon Sun and Moon softbans to players who are still playing the game and trading the Pokémon by the rules.

The Global Trading System has an anti-scam feature in place which ends up banning a player for up to 72 hours if they disconnect their console from the internet during a trade in order to steal the other person’s Pokémon.

However, in their attempt to cull this exploit, Game Freak seems to have overlooked players with bad internet connections.

Whenever a player encounters a Communication Error in the game, they end up getting flagged for Pokémon Sun and Moon softbans. This error can be completely unintentional and can be due to losing WiFi signals for a mere second, packet loss due to bad internet, the game’s own servers having issues or the console battery dying.

Players have reported that even though the game has only been out for less than a week, some of them have more than 30 hours of ban already even though they didn’t try anything against the rules.

To top that off, there seems to be no indication from the game or developers on how long the current user’s ban is and they simply have to wait and constantly keep checking the game to see if the ban has been lifted or not.

A user by the name of Illucio on NeoGaf also reported that due to the presence of online tools, those who really want to exploit the trade system are freely doing it while those who are interested in playing normally are suffering.