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Overwatch’s Symmetra Gets Two New Ultimates, Complete Rework

Overwatch’s Symmetra character has always been one of the lesser-used heroes when dealing with other characters like Bastion, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, Zarya, McCree, Tracer, or the Hamada brothers. Now, however, Blizzard is apparently reworking the Indian character to make her more viable, including a choice between two different ultimates.

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The reason behind the rework is mainly because Overwatch’s game director Jeff Kaplan said that Overwatch’s Symmetra was a highly situational character, and he’d be fairly right; Symmetra’s main abilities focused around either locking down a choke point with her turrets or putting up a teleporter for her team to use, while she wasn’t that good in straight up combat.

In her reworking, Symmetra has gotten a new ultimate ability: a shield generator, which she can plunk down to give nearby teammates a fairly powerful protective shield to help them survive better in combat. The generator also isn’t affected by line-of-sight, so if players want to take down those shields they’ll have to find the generator and destroy it.

However, Overwatch’s Symmetra will also have her old ultimate, her teleporter, for players that think they can utilize it in a better way than normal. The teleporter, which was previously very fragile and wouldn’t last long against an enemy, is also now more durable, with more health and a protective shield around it.

Since Symmetra now has a shield generator as an ultimate ability, her old protective shield is gone. She will now be able to use the Photon Barrier ability. Photo Barrier is a projected energy shield that moves along a set trajectory, something like Reinhardt’s own shield but unable to be moved around at will.

Finally, Symmetra’s turrets have also gotten a rework: where she used to only be able to lay down three turrets, she will now be able to set up six, effectively doubling the amount of firepower she can plant on a chokepoint.