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Three New Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games Arrive Today

Three new Xbox One backwards compatibility games have been added to the Xbox One store, allowing Xbox gamers to add Burnout: Paradise, Pure, and Rayman: Legends to their libraries for a fairly low price, or for free if they have the corresponding game disks for all three of the games.

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Burnout: Paradise may be particularly good for anyone that wants it as a part of the backwards compatibility service, considering that its former developer has said that a new Burnout game is not in development, and likely won’t be for the foreseeable future. However, the game is also going to be one of the Xbox One’s free titles for December for Xbox Live Gold members, so you don’t even have to spent money on it.

The second of the three new Xbox One backwards compatibility games is Pure, another racing game. However, instead of being in cars, your character is on a quad bike, racing along off-road tracks. The game was well-received by critics, so if cars and massive amounts of destruction aren’t your speed, you can get on quad bikes instead and go for racing there.

Finally, we’ve got the revival of an old classic, Rayman: Legends. One of Ubisoft’s oldest and most popular characters, Rayman, got a game of his own for the first time in several years back in 2013. The game sold enough to be considered a commercial success and also got critical acclaim, and you can even play the game with three of your friends, making it a great party game for you to play.

All three of these new Xbox One backwards compatibility games are now available on the Xbox One’s store, so if you’ve been looking for another Burnout game but only have Paradise to turn to, or you’ve been craving to play Rayman again, you can get on your Xbox and buy those two games for you to play, if you don’t think you’ll be buying any games from the Black Friday sale.