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League Of Legends Fix For Patch 6.23 RAD Error

League Of Legends is one of the most popular MMOs among the PC community. Given that it is a massive game some minor errors and glitches are bound to happen. One error that recently started to pop up after the patch 6.23 has been bothering LOL players very much.

Thanks to “Feedlord” from EUW (via Reddit user 55redditor55) who has found a simple solution to this problem. Since this issue is being solved by changing the player’s DNS server it seems that the issue is with the Riot’s DNS server.

What we need to do is to tell windows to not lookup the IP address for but instead tell it the IP address.
Step 1 : Click on the start menu and type “notepad”
Step 2 : Right click on notepad and choose “Run as administrator”
Step 3 : Go to File – Open and navigate to the folder “C:Windows/System32/drivers/etc” (you may need to change where is says “text files” just above the open button to “all files”) and open the file named “hosts”
Step 4 : Add the line “” to the bottom of the file and save.
Hey presto open the LoL client and you should be good to go.

As for the MAC users who are also getting this issue, Reddit user TheTalkingMeowth has posted a solution for this. However, the user notes that this is only a temporary solution and it is not a reliable one.

Go to system preferences/network settings. Unlock the settings (padlock icon in bottom left). Advanced settings/DNS. Make a note of what is currently displayed. Click the plus button under the DNS column. Type “” and hit enter. Then reenter everything that was originally there EXACTLY as it was. Apply the changes.

League Of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and MAC OS.