Homefront The Revolution Launched Too Early, Says Deep Silver

Homefront The Revolution launched earlier this year with mediocre reviews and poor reception from gamers. While the game was not as bad as everyone expecting it to be but the majority did not seem to like it. Deep Silver has come forward and shared its thoughts on the poor reception for the game.

Speaking with MCV, Deep Silver global brand and marketing director Paul Nicholls admitted that Homefront The Revolution was not the success what the company was hoping it to be and the game was released too early and “we have learnt some big lessons from Homefront”.

He further added that if we look at the market, only the games with the best quality are successful even some big IPs are struggling at the moment because they could not deliver.

You can see in the market at the moment, quality is absolutely king and some big IPs have struggling figures at the moment. We learnt a lot of lessons about what to do going forward. Not just the quality of the product, but when we launch as well.

However, he praised the efforts of the development studio behind Homefront The Revolution and added that they have been receiving positive feedback compared to when the game launched.

The team at [developer] Dambuster did a fantastic job, With what the team there has done, getting the product patched and so on, the sentiment with consumers has really turned around.

We’re getting a lot of positive feedback compared to when we launched, so timing was probably the biggest lesson we have learnt there.

Do you think Homefront The Revolution might have been a good game if Deep Silver had given it more time? Let us know in the comments.