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Free FIFA 17 Weekend Coming Up, Lasts From November 24-November 27

A free FIFA 17 weekend is going to be coming up at the end of this week, allowing players on the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 the ability to play the game for free for a few days. The free weekend lasts from November 24 (Thursday) to November 27 (Sunday).

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In the free FIFA 17 weekend, players will be able to take part in most of the game’s modes. You’ll be able to play the Ultimate Team mode (where you can pick between hundreds of some of the best FIFA players in the world), the career mode (where you can manage your own football club, taking it through its matches and helping it to become successful), the online mode (where you can play various other players in football matches) and the game’s story mode, called The Journey.

A free weekend may be intended by EA to get the game more players during Black Friday in America, along with selling more copies than the game has already sold (which is a lot). Black Friday normally heralds a large number of discounts and deals for a variety of products, ranging from physical media to digital. The game is already on sale on the Xbox Live Store, with both the Silver and Gold ranks of Xbox Live membership having different but not unsubstantial discounts.

If you do end up liking the game a lot during the free FIFA 17 weekend, you can buy it for a 40% discount on either the Playstation or Xbox stores, which will also allow you to retain all of the progress you made via the free weekend.

Considering the game has gotten fairly good reviews (with critics praising how the game plays, its graphics, and its mechanics, though the story mode has gotten some criticism), if you’re a sports fan or a football fan, you can jump into FIFA 17 easy with the free weekend going on right now. But, if you like it enough to buy it, you should try and do it before Friday so you don’t miss all of the deals.