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Report: Elite Dangerous Developers Are Deliberately Ignoring Combat Logging

Combat logging has been an issue in Elite Dangerous for some time and is officially declared as “exploiting” the game. However, it seems developers are not only deliberately ignoring this problem but also lying to the community about taking actions against cheaters.

According to an investigation conducted by a Reddit user, Elite Dangerous developers are encouraging players to report Combat logging but are not following up on any of the reports. There’s no evidence to suggest that devs are taking any sort of action but there is evidence that they are hiding behind their own policy of not sharing details regarding punitive actions againts the offenders.

The extensive post on Reddit mentioned the following:

After several iterations of reports to Frontier, confirmation that they engaged in an investigation of exploiting, and review of the view counts on the videos, we found that in all instances of reported exploiting, Frontier failed to view any of the video evidence in the reports a single time, even after several weeks and confirmation that they had in fact investigated the reports.

Stage two was aimed at testing Frontier’s claims that they can determine taskkills using their internal logs, thereby making the video evidence redundant and/or unnecessary in some cases, and to track any punishments handed out. What we found was that the submitted videos received zero views, and none of our alt accounts have received any form of punishment to this day either – they simply closed the tickets.

Not only is it disconcerting that Frontier tacitly approves of exploiting (as they have defined it themselves) in their own game, but it is unethical that Frontier is willing to not only lie about their anti-exploit actions, but actively encourage players to take the time to record, upload, and file tickets reporting exploiters, knowing full well they will do nothing with the reports. Frontier’s unwillingness to police their own game against exploiters while blatantly lying to the playerbase about it is uncharacteristic of Frontier’s friendly public image, and is a detriment to the player community

There are always two sides to a story and we are yet to hear what Frontier has to say. This is a developing story so more updates should arrive in the near future.

Source: Reddit