Microsoft Apologizes For Perceived Racial Slur In Dead Rising 4 Email

When it comes to marketing sometimes companies don’t get it right and make some crucial mistakes unintentionally. Well, this time Microsoft has made a mistake like this while marketing the upcoming Dead Rising 4.

Just a couple of days ago Microsoft sent out promotional emails of Dead Rising 4. We all know that Dead Rising franchise features the undead, so Microsoft decided to use a series of letters in the subject that were meant to be perceived as a noise the zombies usually make: “NNNNGGGHHHAAAA”.

As you have probably guessed by now some people took offense to this ‘series of letters’ claiming that it sounds and even looks like a certain racial slur.

However, Microsoft instantly took the responsibility for this mistake and issued an apology via Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb who posted the apology through his Twitter account.

Recently, producer David McAnerin confirmed that Dead Rising 4 will feature a four-player co-op but not for the single-player campaign.

Yeah, we have an online four player mode. So, in the story mode, it’s a single player story mode, you’re going to play just as Frank…The four player co-op is our multiplayer mode. It’s a little bit inspired by the original Infinity mode for the old school fans.

Also, Capcom has a lot of expectations from Dead Rising 4. During Capcom’s financial earnings conference, the company revealed that it expects Dead Rising 4 to sell 2 million units.

Dead Rising 4 is an open-world horror survival game in development at Capcom Vancouver and is scheduled to launch on December 6, 2016 for PC and Xbox One.