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Battlefield 1 10-A Hunter and Factory Variants Need Rebalancing

Battlefield 1 comes with different types of weapons for its 4 classes – Assault, Medic, Support, Scout. Most of the weapons we see are exceptionally balanced for each class. However, there are two specific weapons that need to be rebalanced.

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Assault class players get their hands on the Model 10-A Hunter shotgun when they reach Assault level 3. The weapon was used by the American army but didn’t last long as it was taken over by the Winchester Model 1897. However, shotguns now are more like Model 10-A so that is a win for it. It is a great close quarter engagements. It is very effective when engaging the enemy within bunkers and buildings.

Battlefield 1 10-A Hunter

  • Damage – 89/100
  • Accuracy – 25/100
  • Hip Fire – 100/100
  • Control – 35/100
  • Rate of Fire – 78 Rounds per minute
  • Fire Modes – Single Shot
  • Ammunition – 6/24

Each of those 6 rounds can get you a one shot kill; which means you can get up to 6 kills with the 10-A Hunter/Factory.  If you are 10 feet or less, the enemy will not have any opportunity whatsoever to react. Using the 10-A Hunter I managed to get 26 kills in 10 minutes and although that felt great as a player, I was concerned with how it impacts fair play and balancing.

On maps like Amiens and Argonne Forest, majority of the Assault class players are seen using the same weapons, 10-A Hunter or Factory. Here is an example of how powerful this weapon is, courtesy of qJROBp.

For close quarter combat, this weapon is too overpowered and needs to be rebalanced. Although some MGs can hold their own against the Hunter but that depends on if you have any reaction time, which mostly you don’t.

Have you tried Battlefield 1 10-A Hunter and Factory? Do you fee the same? Comment with your opinions down below.