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Bandai Namco Has Registered 5 New Trademarks in Europe

Bandai Namco has officially registered five new trademarks for Europe on the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) website.

This is the full list of the trademarks registered by Bandai Namco:

  • Pac-Man Cash Rush
  • Pac-Man and Leprechaun
  • The Precious 12
  • FORTUNE Gears
  • Skies Unknown

At the moment we are writing there’s no official announcement made by Bandai Namco, but the presence of Pac-Man in this list could suggest more games of the series coming soon.

By the way, here’s a short story of Bandai Namco’s merge.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. is an arcade, mobile and home video game publisher, based in Japan. But this company also publishes music and other entertainment products based on their own IPs.

This company is the result of merging Bandai and Namco.

It happened in early 2005, when Namco Ltd. and Bandai Co. Ltd. announced plans to combine their operations. This merger took effect on September 29 of that same year as  Bandai Namco Holdings took life. One year later, on March 31, 2006, the videogames division of both Bandai and Namco, being renamed Namco Bandai Games.

This company is actually one of the most successful in the industry, as it owns some good series like Naruto Ultimate Ninja, Dragon Ball, Digimon, Tekken, Dark Souls and other similar games.

Bandai Namco is always looking for new ways to improve their games and it’s very interesting to see that even fighting games get renewed. One great example is the Naruto series, that has a really good gameplay and great graphics.

By the way, what games from the company did you like the most?

Tell us in the comments below, we are curious!