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How To Access Tom Clancy’s The Division Survival DLC

Tom Clancy’s The Division Survival DLC finally arrived yesterday on PC and Xbox One after the servers went down for routine maintenance and a new patch.

Although, there were some reports of players especially those who owned the season pass or DLC on Steam, having trouble activating the content for their game, the issues were sorted out after a couple of hours.

Unfortunately, The Division Survival DLC also brought with it a lot of confusion which wasn’t the case when Ubisoft launched The Underground DLC in the summer. While launching the game after Underground released guided players on how to access the new content, there was no such help provided in the case of Survival DLC.

Some players might have thought that opening the matchmaking menu would allow them to switch to Survival but that menu only allows switch to Tier 5 that was introduced in the new patch 1.5

To access the Survival DLC, players need to once again head to their Base of Operations and then proceed to the Terminal Hub. For those who don’t remember, the Terminal Hub is the area accessible by going downstairs right next to the Rewards Vendor in Base of Operations.

The Hub area with recalibration table, stash, vendors and HVT quest givers just before the entrance to Underground now has a new door open on the right side which leads to Survival. Through the door, players will queue up for Survival either alone, as a party or enter matchmaking for a party.

Once a Survival match is ready, the players and their party will go through a cutscene and then enter Survival, all spawning in the same place. Each Survival match lasts 2 hours so players have to extract within that time for the best rewards, although even if they die earlier on they will still get rewards based on their performance during the session.