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PS4 Pro Live Streaming Is Broken and Needs to Be Fixed

PS4 Pro released earlier this month and many waiting to jump into 4K gaming picked up the machine. Some of them are streaming and content creators who would like to stream their gameplays. However, among other problems, the steaming feature seems to be broken as well.

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Users report that the original PS4 was easily able to steam games at 720p/30 and 720/60 FPS. Meanwhile, the PS4 Pro Live Streaming feature looks worse than the original PS4, even on a 200mbit / 12mbit upload connection. One of the users reported the following on Reddit.

Well, the Twitch / YouTube Live streaming functions seem to be having a serious problem on the PS4 Pro. I use to be able to comfortably stream 720/30 or 720/60 without issue on the OG PS4. Did a test and confirm it’s still working fine. On the PS4 Pro, it’s blocky as hell. I’m using a 200mbit / 12mbit upload connection so that should be ample for 720/30 at least.

I suspect it has something to do with the fact the games are supersampled having an effect on the encoding.
Using Watch Dogs 2 as an example, it’s like watching Minecraft. Same issue with BF1.
YouTube is better, but Twitch shouldn’t be this poor. It isn’t on my old PS4.

The entire thread revealed a plethora of users that reported the same issue. It is unclear if the root of the problem lies in the hardware or software side of PS4 Pro. PS4 Pro is a new piece of hardware and developers didn’t have much time to optimize games properly. Due to my lack of understanding of the hardware I can’t say for sure if it has anything to do with game optimization at all.

But Sony can surely do something about this and needs to deal with the issue soon.