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Pokemon Sun And Moon Sales: 2nd Highest First Weeks In Japan

Nintendo seems to be doing wonders. First Pokemon Go broke all the records a mobile game can break and now we have Pokemon Sun And Moon sales that are off the charts. Pokemon is a golden goose, and The Pokemon company and Nintendo know that already.

In the first three days of launch, Sun And Moon sales have been 1,905,107 units. This is slightly shy of the first week sales of 2,096,050 for Pokemon X and Y. Needless to say, there is an obvious pattern here seeing that the top 2 games with the most first week sales on the 3DS, are both Pokemon titles.

These Pokemon Sun And Moon sales numbers do not include digital copies so we have yet to see how the numbers add up. Total 3DS family hardware sales for the Sun & Moon launch week were 113,987.

Although Nintendo only owns a third of the Pokemon Company, the company is still making loads of money off Pokemon Sun And Moon sales along with the previous Pokemon Go game. The game has just come out so we should get numbers regarding global sales in a few days time.

Pokemon Sun And Moon sales suggest that the game has been widely appreciated in Japan. With global numbers coming out soon we can see how the game is doing in other parts of the world. Nintendo has had great success with the Pokemon Franchise and I think the company might want to look into these sales patterns and make the most out of them.

It would be wise to release that Pokemon Go navigation system as well before users get tired of waiting around and delete the app. What do you think about the new Pokemon Sun And Moon games and about these Pokemon Sun And Moon sales numbers?