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New Nintendo Controller Patent Gets Renewed By Nintendo

Several months ago, a new Nintendo controller was unveiled via a leaked patent document, showing off a peculiar, u-shaped controller that might be used for driving and that included measurement for gyros, acceleration, and more. Now, it seems that Nintendo has renewed that patent and made sure it’s still owned by them.

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The patent has been published again by Nintendo, and has also been declared protected by Nintendo’s European branch, so Nintendo may end up having a use for it after all. What it might be used for, however, and if it’ll be used on the Nintendo Switch, remains a mystery.

The last two Nintendo consoles, the Wii and the Wii U, have both gotten a number of peripheral controllers for each console, especially the original Wii, which ended up getting various controllers for games like racing games, shooting games, and more. However, whatever this new Nintendo controller could be used for remains a mystery for now.

Considering the only peripherals of the Nintendo Switch revealed so far are the various Joycon attachments to the console’s portable screen, the possibility of the Switch getting a driving controller would be interesting. Hopefully, if that’s what it’s for, it will be better motion controls than previous motion controls used to be.

The new Nintendo controller might also be used as a better alternative to something like a Star Fox game if Nintendo decides to push past how Star Fox Zero was received, and instead of forcing players to use the tablet use a controller like this as a sort of flight stick, those games might also be better received, not just for a new Star Fox game but also for any other sort of flight simulator game.

Either way, the new Nintendo controller might not be coming out any time soon, but hopefully Nintendo will offer an explanation if it does come out.