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The God Of War Franchise Is Sticking To Norse Mythology For A While

The God of War series is a classic and we have all fallen in love with it over the years. We saw the new God of War trailer a while ago and it had some drastic changes. First of all we saw Norse mythology adapted into the game. We also saw that Kratos’s son is also with us.

Game director Cory Barlog says:

“the beginning of a new saga or trilogy of Kratos”

This indicates that there will be more to come in the not so distant future and we can expect other titles with norse adaptation as well. The game has been in development for 3 years now as it has been confirmed that developers started working on it in the middle of 2013.

Looking at how long the game has been in the making it would be safe to assume that the release is not too far off and with the PSX event coming up it is possible that we might get another look at the new God of War game. The presence of a younger character and other elements point towards the fact that his game will focus more on the story and character development as compared to the fucking and gutting that we have seen in the past.

This could be a new take on the story and we will be seeing a side of the hero we have not seen until now. It will surely be interesting to play through. From what we saw at E3 the game looks graphically impressive and the attention to detail is amazing.

This is one of the bigger games coming to PS4 and will outshine the previous God of War titles. That includes the remaster.

Tell us how excited you are about the new God of War game and how you feel about the changes that have been seen in the teaser.