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Doom On MacBook Pro Touch Bar Made Real, Wide Display

If you think running Doom on everything from a potato to a super high-end PC is funny then this is something that you want to see. Who says you can not game on a Mac? Well, you sure can. Someone ran Doom on MacBook Pro Touch bar and people are going crazy over it.

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The new MacBook Pro comes with the Touch Bar and someone was able to run Doom on MacBook Pro using only the Touch Bar. No, it is not in a thumbnail. The game is running on the whole Touch Bar in wide screen, so to speak.

Doom fans will get the idea of running Doom on MacBook. It is funny and shows how the game is still with us even after so long.

It is an iconic game that has been a vital part of our generation. I imagine that the overall experience of playing Doom on MacBook Pro Touch Bar would not be all that great but it may be an achievement for the guy that pulled it off.

Here you can see the video of Doom on Macbook Pro Touch Bar.

Now that you know it is possible would you play Doom on the Touch Bar?