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Sony Announces PSN Black Friday Sales With Discounts Up To 60%

With Black Friday almost upon us, Sony following the tradition has revealed its PSN Black Friday Sales.

Accompanying the PSN Black Friday sales, however, is a really weird online advertisement video which from the looks of it can only be understood by the team which created it.

The 34-second video, available on the official PlayStation YouTube channel shows a few people who are supposedly under the effects of a really fast fan as indicated by the ending of the video which says “Play it cool this Black Friday”

Those interested in the PSN Black Friday sales can sign up for the updates on the official PlayStation website to be notified as soon as the sales start.

Unlike Microsoft revealing the Black Friday sales well beforehand for Xbox, Sony apparently decided to go the mystery route and will be revealing the sales at a later date. However, the advertisement does mention that games will be up to 60% off.

The sales will be going live a bit earlier this year compared to past sales as PSN discounts will begin on Thursday, the day of Thanksgiving.

Last year, Sony reported its Black Friday sales were the most successful in the company’s history so to top that record, the company will also be announcing console bundles on discount during the Black Friday sale.

There is no mention whether PS Plus subscribers will get an additional discount on games or not similar to the 10% extra discount which Xbox Gold subscribers will be getting during the sale.

Speaking of which, Microsoft’s Black Friday sales are no slouch either. Beginning on 22nd November, Xbox Black Friday sales will give gamers a chance to get latest games at great prices. One such case is Gears of War 4 with a $25 discount.

If Sony ends up giving a decent discount on the newly launched PS4 Pro, in the form of a bundle that includes a latest AAA title like Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2, their sales numbers will undoubtedly be amazing.

Given the company’s history however, it is highly likely the first few hours of the sale will create issues for users.