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PS4 Pro Sales In Japan Positions The Console At A Really Good Place In First Week

Media Create and Famitsu have revealed the total number of PS4 Pro sales in Japan and it seems like the console had a really successful launch in the region with more than 65,000 units sold.

Sony sold a total of 93,512 PS4 units last week in Japan, out of these 65,194 were PS4 Pro sales bringing the total number of consoles sold in Japan to 3,445,990 according to Famitsu.

The PS4 Pro sales in Japan are certainly impressive especially considering the recent launch of PS4 Slim, which managed to sell more than 95,000 in its first week, and the fact that not only is PS4 Pro expensive but Japanese market hasn’t exactly been kind to home consoles in the past

Of course a big factor to this sales boost is undoubtedly the imminent release of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV set to release on 29th November and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life scheduled for release on 8th December.

With Nintendo’s support for WiiU ending and the company looking towards Nintendo Switch, gamers will inevitably look for a newer platform for their mid-generation gaming fix and PS4 Pro offers exactly that since 4K displays aren’t that widespread yet that everyone buys the console for 4K gaming.

With the Japanese holiday season coming, it will be interesting to see how well the PS4 Pro fares during the holidays especially when compared to the sales figures of the base PS4 model.

Sony, being a Japanese company has always had a decent Japanese games lineup but the next few months are pretty big even by their standards as many famous franchises, including Final Fantasy and Yakuza, are getting their next iterations so the PS4 Pro sales in Japan will definitely see a substantial boost as well.

PS4 Pro is available now in all regions for $400 which is around 40,000 Japanese Yen.