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Pokemon Sun and Moon Poke Pelago Guide – How to Access, Isles Unlocks, Special Poke Beans

Pokemon Sun and Moon Poke Pelago Guide to help you learn all you need to know about the new area that allows you to use Box Pokemon.

Poke Pelago in Pokemon Sun and Moon is basically a new area which allows you to use Box Pokemon, allowing you to participate in a variety of mini-games, find Pokemon, and more.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Poke Pelago

Pokemon Sun and Moon Poke Pelago is run by a friendly NPC named Mohn. This NPC basically helps you to unlock all the features and islands. Lastly, remember that the main purpose of Poke Pelago is to collect Poke Beans.

In our Pokemon Sun and Moon Poke Pelago Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about the new area.

Access Poke Pelago

It goes without saying that the Poke Pelago is not available right off the bat. To access it, you need to reach the second island and defeat the Fire Trial Captain. Once you are done, you get access to Charizard as a Poke Ride.

From there, you can use the Charizard to access the Poke Pelago from the Main Menu. Once there, Mohn asks you to get a Poke Bean which you should be able to do so without any difficulty. In addition to this, you can get more beans by shaking the beanstalk, but it can only be done one time per day.

You can also put the beans in the crate for the Pokemon in your PC Box or to make the Wild Pokemon appear. I have discussed some more details on Poke Beans in the next section.

Poke Beans

Poke Beans in Pokemon Sun and Moon are consumable items which can provide you with a number of effects in Poke Pelago. In addition to regular Poke Beans, there are Rainbow and Patterned Poke Beans as well.

Rainbow Poke Beans cost 3 Normal Poke Beans and Patterned Poke Beans cost 7 Normal Poke Beans. As for the duration, Normal Poke Beans last for 20 minutes, Rainbow Poke Beans last for 2 hours, and Patterned Poke Beans last for 1 hour.

Poke Pelago Isles

There are 5 different Poke Pelago Isles that you can develop. Each one of these islands requires you to have a specific number of Box Pokemon and Normal Poke Beans. In the following sections, I have briefly explained all the Poke Pelago Isles in the game.

Isle Abeens
This basically allows you to gather Poke Beans and put them in the crate for the Wild Pokemon to appear. If you decide to upgrade this isle, you will increase the bean harvest. It is important to note that Poke Beans acquired from Isle Abeens can be used for Pokemon Refresh.

Isle Aplenny
Isle Aplenny allows you to grow berries; up to 6 at any given time. These berries take about 24 hours to completely grow, but you can add some Poke Beans into the crate for them grow at a slightly faster rate. Finally, if you decide to upgrade this isle, you get access to more area for growing berries.

Isle Aphun
This isle basically enables your Pokemon to explore caves and other areas in search of items. As with berries, it takes a Pokemon about 24 hours to fully explore and return to the isle. However, if you decide to add some Poke Beans into the crate, you can increase the speed. Deciding to upgrade Isle Aphun will allow your Pokemon to explore even more locations.

Isle Evelup
Isle Evelup basically allows 6 of your Pokemon to exercise at the same time.

Isle Avue
The final isle which is Isle Avue allows 6 of your Pokemon to relax in a hot spring at the same time.

Bean Bottle

This is a simple and straightforward concept which allows you to toss in a total of 7 Normal Poke Beans into a bottle and send it out in the ocean. If you decide to use your StreetPass, you can find Bean Bottles from other players in the game.

This is all we have on Pokemon Sun and Moon Poke Pelago Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!