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Mass Effect Andromeda Level Design To Be More Vertical And Will Allow Players To Jump

Mac Walters, the creative director on Mass Effect franchise has once again teased some more information about the upcoming game, mainly regarding Mass Effect Andromeda level design.

Mac has been teasing fans with constant tidbits of information through his Twitter account ever since a new trailer for the game was unveiled on N7 Day earlier this month.

With his latest tweet, Mac confirms the presence of the “jump” feature in the game indicating Mass Effect Andromeda level design to be more vertical oriented compared to previous games.

During the PS4 Pro reveal, BioWare did show a new movement system and Mass Effect Andromeda level design that indicated jump pack movement but from Mac’s tweet, it sounds like players will be able to jump normally as well.

This is the 2nd BioWare game from both of its most popular franchises; Dragon Age and Mass Effect, where the developers are finally including a Jump functionality for players to make navigation easier and more fun.

The first two Dragon Age games lacked the option to jump but it was added in Dragon Age Inquisition, probably thanks to the switch to Frostbite Engine Similarly, all three Mass Effect games released earlier lacked jump, although they did allow players to mantle over cover.

In another one of his recent tweets, Mac also teased character customization coming for Mass Effect Andromeda as well as two loyalty missions.

He mentioned that one of those missions was for Liam, one of the two character companions announced so far.

Since Mac didn’t mention the second mission is for PeeBee, it is safe to assume there will be multiple companions in the game and that means multiple loyalty missions to gain favour with the specific squad mate.

However, as always those loyalty missions will be optional and not doing them will in no way ruin the outcome of the game for players.

Mass Effect Andromeda is set for a Spring 2017 release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.