Dev Confirms ADR1FT Cancelled For Xbox One

Those of you looking forward to ADR1FT to launch for Xbox One will be disappointed as the game is no longer be releasing for Microsft’s console.

After a long wait developer Three One Zero and publisher 505 Games have canceled all development of the game for Xbox One. The game first launched for PC in March 2016 and July 15 for PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One version was expected to launch later this year.

Three One Zero CEO Adam Orth confirmed to New Game Network that the game has been officially canceled but did not provide any reason as to why the decision was made.

ADR1FT will not be coming to Xbox One. I hope [fans] are able to find some way to experience and enjoy it on our other platforms.

ADR1FT is a first-person adventure video game developed by Three One Zero for PC and PlayStation 4.

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