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Batman Return To Arkham PS4 Pro Only Gives A Slight Performance Boost While Quality Remains Same

In a stealth update, developer Virtuos seems to have enabled Batman Return to Arkham PS4 Pro support following the trend of so many other games.

According to the folks over at Digital Foundry, while Batman Return to Arkham PS4 Pro support does theoretically mean good things for the game, the end result isn’t as great as many would have hoped even with the 31 percent increase in CPU power which the PS4 Pro offers over the base PS4.

During their testing, they found certain scenes in the game where even with the improved performance, the PS4 Pro barely managed a 6FPS boost over base PS4 once again highlighting the biggest issue with Sony’s console, the AMD Jaguar CPUs.

This bit of information seems to continue the trend of sub-optimal PS4 Pro support for PS4 games suggesting that even with the added power of the new machine, while playing on 1080p the PS4 Pro is not such a good purchase especially when the performance ends up being bottlenecked by the CPU.

In the case of Batman Return to Arkham PS4 Pro, the issue hits even harder as not only the performance boost not very significant considering it still dips under 30FPS in some scenes in Arkham City, but the fact that all this new power offers is a frame rate boost while the visual quality remains same is just sad.

While it should be kept in mind that the stealth update in question isn’t actually an update and there has been no official PS4 Pro support patch from the developers, the fact that simply popping in a disc into PS4 Pro to make use of improved power is certainly uplifting but it is possible that this may not be without caveats and not every game might work this way.

With the PS4 Pro performance not being what people had hoped it would be at 1080p given the extra raw power, it remains to be seen how exactly Microsoft will perform with Project Scorpio since it is boasting an even better hardware than Sony’s console.