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Amazon And Target Reveal Amazing PS4 Pro Discounts

Just weeks after its launch, retailers have already started giving PS4 Pro discounts despite Sony’s latest console having a really great launch week.

Amazon recently listed PS4 Pro discount at $40 off and since then, the console has been sold out on the website due to everyone jumping on the opportunity to buy a 4K capable console at a discount so close to the release of some highly anticipated games like Final Fantasy XV.

The website still has listings for used PS4 Pro consoles in “Like New” condition at an even great discount of $342.

Other retailers like Target are also offering good PS4 Pro discounts on account of the upcoming Black Friday sales. Using the promo code “TECH” on Target brings the price of the console down to $360 so if someone missed out on the Amazon deal, they can still get their hands on the console for the same price.

eBay has also promised a PS4 Pro bundle with Watch Dogs 2 and Street Fighter V for $400 during its Black Friday sale.

If someone is interested in these games, this would be an amazing bundle to purchase as the combined value is well above $460 (even if you count the lowest price for SFV due to it being relatively old)

As Black Friday approaches, there will undoubtedly be more PS4 Pro discounts from other retailers as well and hopefully Amazon will replenish their stock in time.

Sony also recently revealed their upcoming Black Friday sale. While no actual deals were revealed, the company did promise that they will be offering console bundles during the sale so it is likely a PS4 Pro bundle with some latest AAA title will be included.

For those not interested in a PS4 Pro on account of not having a 4K display, Best Buy will soon be offering the PS4 Slim for $250 with a couple of bonus games included.