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Rocket League Custom Training Mode To Drop With Next Update

Rocket League is one of those games that are just as easy as a pick up and play. While the game is certainly easy to get into but it is very difficult to master. So developer Psyonix has come up with a solution for that in the form of Rocket League custom training mode.

In Rocket League custom training mode players can create their very own custom training modes and this mode is expected to come along with the next update for the game.

The developers have also detailed the editing process for the Rocket League custom training mode.

When you create your own custom training sequence, you’ll be asked to specify a few things up front

  • A name for your creation.

  • Which map you want to train in.

  • What type of training sequence it is (Striker or Goalie).

  • How difficult it’s going to be (Rookie, Pro, All-Star).

  • Which “tags” best describe your training sequence (Dribbling, Wall Shots, etc.)

Once this is done, players can edit their sequence in-game. Players will see their “Shot List that contains every shot you’ve set up as part of your new sequence”. From here players can pick up any shot and start editing it or add new shots or delete the shots that are not required.

Editing a specific shot is the most important aspect of this new feature. You can place the car and the ball wherever you want on the field and you can specify the direction and speed of the ball with a full trajectory preview that helps you plan things out.

Once the players have created the training sequence they can upload it for other players to download. The developers will be improving the Rocket League custom training mode and will add more types and options.

While the training mode will drop with the mext update for Rocket League, developer Psyonix is yet to specify the release for this new mode.