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Remedy Entertainment Teaser Is Weird, No Game Announcement Yet

Remedy Entertainment has just released a special “video game trailer” that it announced yesterday as the “greatest game trailer ever.” However, the Remedy Entertainment teaser that was actually released today shows off something far different, and instead of a game trailer, it turned out to be a recruitment video.

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Remedy Entertainment is the studio behind a variety of well-known shooters, most recently the third-person time-jumping shooter Quantum Break. The studio is also the one behind the third-person shooter Max Payne, and behind the survival horror shooter Alan Wake. Now, like many video game studios, Remedy is looking to bring in new talent to help develop games.

The Remedy Entertainment teaser is a message from the studio’s head, Sam Lake, who just has one simple statement: “Making games is hard.”

The statement kind of goes without saying; video games nowadays requires a great deal of work not just from the coders of the industry’s infancy, but also now from concept artists, scriptwriters, programmers, motion capture technicians, and more. The Remedy Entertainment teaser shows us what it’s like when, despite all of these people working together, things don’t quite go as planned.

Objects don’t fly around properly. Character models mess up, resulting in Quantum Break’s main character Jack Joyce either making silly faces while he’s doing stuff or even jumping like a ballerina. Enemies glitch out, either getting stuck in the level geometry on death or simply spinning in place. Programmers doing mo-cap also screw up, such as a combat roll only getting half way before the person realizes they screwed up the roll and stops.

All of this is done to the tune of a Quantum Break trailer monologue that makes the game sound epic, while the “reality” is…quite different.

But then again, all of those bloopers are why Remedy is asking you if you want to be a part of their staff, to take part in the hilarity that comes with making a game. You can find the actual video further up this article, and you can head to Remedy’s website to apply for a job at the studio.