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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough – Trainers School, Hau’oli City, Route 2

Pokemon Sun and Moon walkthrough has all the details you need regarding trainer schools Hau’oli City and more. The city in question is the largest in Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Alola region. Meanwhile, the trainer school is where Pokemon trainers craft their skills.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

Around the trainer school you can catch Magnemite, Meowth, Grimer in the Grass areas.  Inside side the school, you need to find four different trainers to beat. One of the trainer is to the right of the building.

You will face Hiromi you is a level 8 trainer, there is a potion at  the opposite side of the building on your left, grab it. Joey is a level 7 trainer in Pokemon Sun and Moon that is found beyond the red gate.

In that area pick up the Antidote and Paralyze heal and leave the way you came from before entering the first door to your right.  Look for the green door and enter to find some kids who will tell you about battles. Go down further into the hallway to find a lady near Poke Ball table will give you Quick Claw.

The third trainer, Mia, is level 7 and can be found to the southwest of the entrance, on the other side of the blue fate. Exit the building you are in.

The final trainer is a level 8 and once you defeat him, he will offer you TM Work Up. You will then be called upstairs to face the teacher. Defeat the teacher to get Great Balls. From there, you will encounter Tauros before following Lille to the City.

The city, as I mentioned, is the largest in the region and has alot of tall building and supports a beech. The Outskirts are to the east of the city while Route 2 is  to the north of it.

Around the city you can find a range of different Pokemon including all time favorite Pikachu. We also have Wingull, Grimer Magnemite, Yungoos, Rattata, Abra, Meowth, Pichu, Happiny.

When you enter the city, speak with the woman on the right to get a potion.  Head to the sand and find a Poke Ball near a set of stairs. Go North to the shopping area Hau will get you a Poke Finder Extension for the Pokedox.

There is a woman on the counter that will you have a Loto Ticket. Come back with more Pokemon from other trainer to increase the chance of winning.

Leave area and head north to the Apparel Shop to speak with Lillie. She will give you Lens Case and Makeup Bag. You can customize your eye and lip color now.

Continue north until you reach the red gate and look for a Stardust in the grass area. Leave the area and enter the next red gate to find Revive. You can also get a Heal Ball by speaking to the man outside of Pokemon Center.

Go inside the Pokemon Center and speak with the woman, she will ask for Drifloon that can be found at the cemetery. You can get P10,000 for it. Speak with the man in front of the Poke Mart to remove unwanted moves from your Pokemon.

Leave the Pokemon Center and continue along the road to trigger and brief cut-scene.Go left from there and look for an opening in the hedges follow the path to find Ether.

You will come across a mansion that belongs to Captain llima. Speak with the woman in the kitchen for  Lumiose Galette. Go outside and head south and then east. From Malasada Shop, go left and find the red gate. Enter the gate and a Tiny Mushroom before continuing to the east. Enter another red gate to find a TM – Echoed Voice.

Follow the red flag on the map, go down the stairs from the Marina. Turn right and head down the ramp until you locate a Super Potion.  Go back and speak with the man in the yellow shirt and a woman in the sun hat for a X Attack and X Defense.

Go back and speak with Captain llima to trigger another cutscene before starting a battle.

After the battle is over, you need to head north to find a red gate that was locked before. You will find it open this time around, go north after the cut-scene with Hala and the Tauros to reach Route 2.

Hau’oli Cemetery and Berry Fields are on Route 2 and you can find more Pokemon around the area. Look for Abra, Makuhita, Drowzee,  Smeargle, Meowth, Growlithe,  Spearow, Cutiefly, Crabawler.

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