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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough – Melemele Meadow, Seaside Cave, Iki Town Grand Trial, Ten Carat Hill

Melemele Meadow is found on the Route 3 of Island and has the entrance to Seadive Cave, leading to Kala’e Bay. The following Pokemon Sun and Moon walkthrough will discuss the Grand Trail, Route 3 and much more.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

In Melemele Meadow, you can catch Cottonee, Cutiefly, Oricorio, Caterpie, Butterfree, Diglett (Seaward Cave), Zubat (Seaward Cave). Hug the flower beds while heading south from Lillie to a Great Ball.

Head north and take to your left, enter the path and to the south you will see a Net Ball. Don’t Interact with the Cosmog and go past it to get a Poison Barb. Now, you can interact with Nebby and trigger a battle with Hau. You will use your starter Pokemon to this battle.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Pokemon include Grass- and Flying-type Pokémon Rowlet, Fire-type Litten, and Water-type Popplio.

We have Rowlet, who is an owl like creature and can turn its head from front to back 180 degrees to navigate the map. It uses powerful kicks and can attack from afar using powerful leafs that also form parts of its feathers.

We then have Litten, a Pokemon that is described as a clam and cool-headed beast. However, it can cause some serious damage to its opponents as it spits fireballs which it creates using fur balls made from its skin that is covered in flammable oils. Litten licks the skin to create a fur ball and then spits it out.

Last but not the least, we have Popolio an acrobatic Sea Lion Pokémon for Pokemon Sun and Moon trainers. It can create water balloons using its cute little nose and then utilize these balloons in different Pokemon Sun and MOON gameplay scenarios. It can go up to 25mph in water.

You should now head to the Seaside Cave where you can get Zubat and Diglett. Enter from the meadows and locate the Escape Rope and move to the cave in the west to get  a Heal Ball. Go south and then east to find a path going downward into the cave, there is Super Potion nearby. Now go back to the position from where you turned south and head right to find a Never-Melt-Ice.

Hug the wall to the left while heading back to the Meadow and you will find a Star Piece.

Once you exit route 3, you will have to start face Kahuna Hala in the first Grand Trial. Go back to Iki Town to find him, Fighting-type Pokémon is his speciality. His Level 15 Crabhammer is dangerous so beware. Defeat the Kahuna to earn a number of different rewards including a Ride Pager.

Kukui also gives you a False Swipe TM.