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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough – Hau’oli Cemetery, Verden Cavern Trial, Route 3

Pokemon Sun and Moon walkthrough has all the details you need regarding Hau’oli Cemetery, Verden Cavern and Route 3. Hau’oli Cemetery is a small patch of land east of Route 2. Meanwhile, the Verden Cavern is the first trial location in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The small path connects Route 2 to the west with Route 1 in the southeast.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough

In Hau’oli Cemetery area you can find Zubat, Gastly, Drifloon. In the north, you will find a Super Potion near a gravestone. Head east to battle a man standing in front of another gravestone. Beat him and go east to find a Big Mushroom. Head south from this location to face a woman in a brown hat.

Beat her and go left to find the Paralyze Heal; there is one more battle waiting for you in the east. Go south and east to find a TM.

Now need to be at the Verden Cavern trial, the location is at the entrance off of the Melemele Island, Route 2. You can find Zubat and Diglett. Locate all three dens and the Pokemon. The first den in on the right side, the second den is right next to it.

Go back and cross the plank bridge, take to the right and you will come across a cave with an item inside it. Jump to the left to find another den. Go went to come across an empty den, press the button to trigger the next event.

From there, head back west and south when you hit the wall.  Pres the button near this den and get the X Defense, head back the den in the east after crossing the plank bridge.

Team Skull will now try to mess with you, beat them to show who’s the boss. Once you beat Grunt head east and locate a hole in the wall to crawl through to reach the final den. Defeat the Pokemon inside, head down and go up the north ramp and move to the exit.

Get the Z-Crystal before engaging in combat, defeat the Totem Pokemon and llima will give you Normalium Z and 10 Great Balls.

Route 3 plays a major role in this section of the game as you can find Spearow, Mankey, Cutiefly, Crabrawler, Yungoos and more in the area. Catching some of the Pokemon will complete optional objectives in the Pokemon Center. You can always go back there to grab some new rewards for your hard work.

Near the exit of Route 3, you will see the tucked-away Melemele Meadow. Lillie is here and is once again looking for Nabby.  Look around the area to find different items such Heal Ball, Honey, Escape Rope and much more.

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