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Pokemon Sun and Moon Island Trials Guide – Trials Locations, Island Challenges, Pokemon Battle Tips and Strategy

Pokemon Sun and Moon Island Trials Guide to help you complete all 7 Island Trials in the game and defeat all Totem Pokemon.

Gyms in Pokemon Sun and Moon are replaced by the Island Trials which are conducted by Trial Captains in different locations across the islands.

These challenges vary in difficulty, but most of them are not too hard to complete. Once you are done with a challenge, you are asked to battle a Totem Pokemon which is essentially a stronger version of a regular Pokemon with increased stats.

It is important that you defeat the Totem Pokemon and its S.O.S. Partner if you wish to complete the challenge. There are 7 Island Trials in total in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Island Trials Guide

In our Pokemon Sun and Moon Island Trials Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know to complete all the Island Trials in the game.

Island Trial #1 – Normalium Z

Trial Captain: Ilmia
LocationM: Verdant Cavern, Melemele Island

In order to complete this Island Trial, you need to find three Pokemon in Verdant Cavern. During the course of this Island Trial, you encounter Yungoos in Pokemon Sun and Rattata in Pokemon Moon – both of which are Level 11.

A little ahead, you encounter Team Skull followed by Gumshoos in Pokemon Sun and Raticate in Pokemon Moon – both of which are Level 11. After defeating them, head towards the Totem’s Den to find Normalium Z.

After completing the Island Trial, be prepared to face a Level 12 Normal-Type Gumshoos with Normal-Type Yungoos as S.O.S. or Normal/Dark Raticate with S.O.S. Rattata.

Island Trial #2 – Waterium Z

Trial Captain: Lana
Location: Brooklet Hill, Akala Island

In order to complete this Trial Island, you must help Lana by heading down the hill and dealing with multiple Wishiwashi. Once you are done with these, head further down to come across the Totem Version of Wishiwashi which is a Level 20 Water-Type Pokemon along with Level 18 Water-Type Alomomola.

Defeating them should allow you to get your hands on Waterium Z which is the purpose of this Island Trial.

Island Trial #3 – Firium Z

Trial Captain: Kiawe
Location: Wela Volcano Park, Akala Island

In order to complete this Island Trial, you need to spot the differences between the two dances by Alola Marowak. If you manage to spot the differences correctly, you get to battle Marowak, but if you fail to do so, the trial continues.

As for the Totem Pokemon you need to fight, it is the Poison/Fire type Level 22 Salazzle with a Level 20 Salandit as S.O.S. partner.

Island Trial #4 – Grassium Z

Trial Captain: Mallow
Location: Lush Jungle, Akala Island

This Trial Island basically revolves around heading in the Lush Jungle in order to find some items. In order to do so, you are provided with a Forage Bag and asked to collect a Mango Berry, a Miracle Seed, a Revival Herb, and a Tiny Mushroom.

While these items are not too hard to find, you need to beware of Formantis, Fomantis, Parasects, etc. roaming the jungle. Once you are done with everything, the cooked recipe attracts Grass-Type Level 24 Lurantis with Level 22 Normal-Type Castform as S.O.S. partner.

One important thing to note about the final battle is that Lurantis has increased ATK Speed for the course of the battle so plan your strategies accordingly.

Island Trial #5 – Electirium Z

Trial Captain: Sophocles
Location: Hokulani Observatory, Ula’ula Island

This Island Trial has a prerequisite that you to complete in order to start it. You basically need to Molyane in the Observatory in order to start the Island Trial. Once you are done, you are asked to answer a total of 3 Audio Questions.

You must answer them correctly in order to attacked by a Level 27 Grubbin and two Level 27 Charjabugs, The Totem Pokemon which is a Level 29 Bug/Electric type Vikavolt with a Level 27 Charjabug as a S.O.S. partner.

Island Trial #6 – Ghostium Z

Trial Captain: Acerola
Location: Route 14, Ula’ula Island

For this Island Trial, you need to head over to the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart and explore it for some strange activities as directed by Acerola. During the course of this, be prepared to encounter Level 30 Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar.

Once you are done with these, you are asked to follow a Pikachu ghost into the backside of the mart in order to confront a Level 33 Ghost/Fairy type Mimkya which is the Totem Pokemon. Do note that you need to use the PokeFinder in order to start the battle.

The Totem Pokemon not only has all its stats increased, but also has a Level 27 Ghost/Poison type Haunter as S.O.S. partner.

Island Trial #7 – Dragonium Z

Trial Captain: None
Location: Vast Poni Canyon, Poni Island

There is no Trial Captain for this Island Trial. All you need to do is to head over to the Vast Poni Canyon. The trial basically requires you to find a Dragonium Z and encounter a Level 40 Jangmo-o and a Level 40 Hakamo-o.

After defeating the Pokemon, continue towards the Dragonium Z and encounter the final Totem Pokemon which is a Level 40 Dragon/Fight type Kommo-o with all of its stats increased. In addition to this, it also has a Level 32 Bug/Steel type Scizor as a S.O.S. partner.

This is all we have on Pokemon Sun and Moon Island Trials Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!