How to Catch Salamence in Pokemon Sun and Moon Early On

Pokemon Sun and Moon comes with a mechanic called SOS Battles. If you are playing Pokemon Sun and Moon, you are probably already familiar with the concept but if not, here how it goes.

When you are battling tiny monsters they call in reinforcements when they are damaged to a certain point. Once they are weakened, they will call a larger beast to help them in battle. You can catch this creature, Salamence, before you leave the first Island.

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How to Catch Salamence in Pokemon Sun and Moon

The very first thing you need to do is gain access to Route 3 on the Melemele Island. Access unlocks when you complete the first Trial of the game. Get on the route and stay on the right side of the mountain and follow the grass section.

There is a chance that Bagon will appear in this area, when it does, battle with him and damage him to a point where he is almost gone. Wait for him to call for help, often, he may call other Bagon for help so knock them out.

It takes patience but he will eventually call for Salamence level 10 or similar. Once the this happens, you need to knock out the Bagon and use Poké Balls on Salamence to capture it.

Pokemon Sun and Moon also comes with different unlockable Pokemon. These Pokemon can be accessed once you reach a certain point in the game and are able to scan QR codes in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Once you reach the point where the QR Scanner is available to you. You can access the scanner via the Pokedex to scan real life codes to unlock rare Pokemon in the game itself.

These Pokemon are easy pickings so grab as many as you can. Head over here for Pokemon Sun and Moon QR codes list.

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