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Final Fantasy 15 Character Skills Include Cooking, Selfies, Fishing

As if everything else we knew about Final Fantasy 15 wasn’t enough, beyond the combat, the plot, the world, the sweet car, and more, now we’ve also learned that Final Fantasy 15 character skills will also be a fairly large part of the game, with each of the four party members revealed so far having a certain skill they excel at.

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If you played the Episode Duscae demo, you’ve already seen at least one bit of these skills, mainly with Ignis and his cooking skills (helped along by the absolutely gorgeous depictions of food to the point where he can even make a slice of toast look like the most delicious thing ever).

Final Fantasy 15 character skills will go along similar lines, and will help to improve your characters‘ abilities as you level those skills up. For instance, Gladiolus likes to find things, and raising his skill in that (by walking around and exploring) will allow you to pick up random stuff as you explore the world.

Prompto, the blond haired gunslinger, enjoys taking photos. Take enough photos (and since the game is gorgeous, why wouldn’t you?) will allow you to take selfies, which will of course lead to the video game trope of putting yourself in mortal peril to get that perfect shot.

Ignis’s own skill is, of course, cooking, as said before. Throughout the game you’ll be able to pick up new recipes for him, and if you do that he can cook more food, each of which gives you a variety of different buffs each time you camp.

For the last bit of Final Fantasy 15 character skills, Noctis likes to take part in that good old pastime: fishing. This skill can help players get cheaper fishing equipment and catch fish easier, but if you’re not one of those people that enjoys fishing in video games, this seems entirely skippable.