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Watch Dogs 2 Hidden Clothes Locations Guide

Watch Dogs 2 puts you in the shoes of a very stylish and hip hacker in San Francisco. You are allowed to customize his look with different gear and clothes. Clothes can be bought with money, obtained via different missions or are can be found hidden within the game world.

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Watch Dogs 2 Hidden Clothes Locations

Watch Dogs 2 Hidden Clothes Locations guide will walk you through all the locations where you can find these clothes.

City – Marin

Area: Sausalito and the Gates Houseboats
Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Lombard Top is hidden at the northwest of this area near a tree house porch. Look for the blue Tshirt icon on the minimap when you are in the area looking for it.

City – Oakland

Area: Uptown Oakland
Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Chinatown Top is hidden in the area where guards are patrolling alongside a robot. Kill them all to get the clothing item. If you have a hard time to finding it, follow the blue icon.

Area: Downtown Oakland
Cap Legs are hidden on the balcony of an eatery in the southwest corner.

City – San Francisco

Area: Lombard Street
Find the apartment building in the area and climb up on the balcony. You will see a small shed near by, climb on top of it to reach the balcony to find the Cap Crossroads.

T-Shirt Ferry Building is hidden in the patio area, climb the shed to reach the roof.

Sweater Japan town is hidden behind a fenced area, use the marker to reach the location. The item is on top of a duct on the lower roof of a building.  Use the next nearby to climb up to the area.

Area: Coit Tower
Go to the restricted area where five gang members are gathered to find the Cap Lake Merrit.

Area: Embarcadero
Go to the eastern waterfront area and reach the top of a building, use the window washer unit climb up to find the Sweater Fisherman’s Wharf.

Area: Civic Center
The Cable Car Mask is hidden on the rooftop patio, follow the marker to reach the building. Climb up the stairs from the southwest of the building. You need to reach the roof of this building.

Area: Mission Delores Park
Raise the pallet while the forklift to find Cap Oakland

Sleeveless T-Shirt Foggy is hidden near the large container, follow the icon to reach the location

Area: San Bruno Mountain
Go to the beach and locate four gang members and grab the T-Shirt Skyline.

Area: Alcatraz
Follow the icon to reach the location and look for a large pillar guarded by enemies. Twin Peaks Mask is on the pillar.

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