The Last Guardian CG Trailer Shows Team ICO’s Inspiration

PlayStation Blog released a new The Last Guardian CG trailer, discussing Team ICO’s inspiration and other important aspects.

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Umido Fueda answered fans’ questions, talking about Trico’s design development phase. According to what he said, Trico is a mix between a cat, a dog and a bird. He further added that the team hasn’t made a specific research work for Trico, but it’s based on Fueda’s memories about how animals interacted with him.

Fueda also talked about Team ICO’s inspiration for the game, claiming the titles like Prince of Persia, Another World and Virtual Fighter have been important reference points as they have complex animations that can help give life to the characters.

Last but not least, he said that this game development lasted so long because they wanted to make the characters look as real as possible.

Here you can find The Last Guardian CG trailer for PS4.

However, Team ICO wanted to create a timeless game, something that people could remember for a long time.

This is what the team has said about it.

We tried to follow our thought, and it’s the original vision that we now see in this completed game. Sure, over these years, a lot of things have changed. But we knew from the very beginning that we wanted to create a timeless videogame, something that was going to last a very long time. I think Sony understood our reasons from the very beginning and how important it was for us. It really did matter for the Last Guardian that we’ve stayed true to the original vision and carried that out.

The Last Guardian is scheduled to release on December 7, 2016 for PlayStation 4.