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Quantum Break Dev Teased A New Game

Remedy Entertainment is the best at hyping people, we know it. Now, Quantum Break dev. have teased a new videogame, with a short video featuring Sam Lake’s face and just nothing more.

Here you can find “The greatest trailer of all time”.

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By the way, Remedy could be probably working on multiplayer games.

This company has been known for making good single-player games, but they wanted to follow another path as the team wanted to challenge itself.

This is what Sam Lake and Mikael Kasurinen said about this question.

We have always been focused on single-player games. That’s really important for us. At the same time, we want to challenge ourselves to find ways to also expand these elements to include cooperative multiplayer. We will always try to tell story in the best way we can, but we also want to include co-operations element that could help elevate these stories.

We strongly believe that a multiplayer experience combined with our unique ability to build worlds provides an exceptional environment for that. So with that in mind, we have opened a position for a Lead Network Programmer, who will be at the center of developing and shaping the multiplayer technology and features of Northlight.

Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break are some really good games from Quantum Break dev and it’s really good that team keeps working on great stories.

We don’t know whether they are working on something like Alan Wake 2 or not, but we’ll be curious to see the final result of the development process.

Until then, fingers crossed.