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Pokémon Sun and Moon NPC Locations Guide – Tutors Locations, Trial Captains, Name Rater NPC

The Alola Region of Pokémon Sun and Moon isn’t just filled with wild Pokémon which the players can battle and capture, or with just other NPC trainers. There are many other NPCs in the game, some just to talk or hang around with while others offer different benefits, services and opportunities to further enhance the gameplay experience.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon NPC Locations

After spending numerous hours in Pokémon Sun and Moon, some players might surely get tired of the animations. For that very reason, the games have a NPC which allows players to change their throw style. This PokeBall throw style NPC can be found at Ula’ula Island, near the Recycling Plant.

Of course players need to learn new styles before they can change between them. To learn new styles, players need to defeat each trial captain in their houses after they have defeated the respective Island’s Kahuna, the Grand Trial master.

One of these trial captains, Illima is in Hau’oli City in a house south-west of the second PokeCenter. The house has a pool in it so should be easy to spot. Another captain, Lana, is in Konikoni City and her house is on the top left of the city while the third captain, Mallow also lives right in front of the PokeCenter in Konikoni City.

The Name Rater NPC can be found at Heahea City’s Alola Tourist Beauru. The city itself is located on Akala Island which can be accessed by completing the Melemele Island.

Similarly, Keldeo and Moloetta Tutors can be found on the same island at the Hano Grand Hotel.

The Pledge Tutor in Pokémon Sun and Moon is located at the Hau’oli’s Shopping Mall on Melemele Island. By visiting this tutor, players can learn different elemental pledge moves. Two Pokémon end up combining their pledge moves during a battle for improved effect.