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God of War 4 Is The Beginning Of A New God of War Saga

Cory Barlog of Sony Santa Monica has confirmed on Twitter that God of War 4, which has been in development for over three years, is the start of a brand new God of War saga, so we’ll be getting a brand new series of games about everyone’s favorite homicidal Spartan warrior.

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Considering how the last saga ended, with what seemed like the end of the world taking place, God of War 4 starting a new saga in a new setting with new gods (that we’ll most likely be killing) is probably the best thing that Sony Santa Monica could do. And with what we saw at the E3 2016 Playstation show, with the world we got to see as we made our way through the demo, God of War is definitely back in terms of scale.

Cory Barlog also said that God of War 4 has been under development for three years. Considering how long it often takes to develop triple A games, and with the game having a tentative release date of 2017, this means that the game is likely approaching the end of its development cycle and we’ll be seeing it get released on Playstation 4 and the Playstation 4 Pro soon.

Since the last major God of War game, God of War 3, came out in 2010, I’d say that six or seven years is plenty of time for Sony Santa Monica to get the new God of War saga ready. Considering how different the game is going to be from previous God of War games, with a new, over-the-shoulder view and a different combat system in addition to the new setting and characters, hopefully God of War 4 and the new God of War saga will be worthy inheritors to the previous games.

Again, God of War 4 will be coming out sometime next year on the Playstation 4, and hopefully the Playstation 4 Pro, if Sony Santa Monica does the proper porting.