Destiny 2 Coming To PlayStation Experience?

Is Destiny 2 being teased at PlayStation Experience in December? A lot of people are discussing this hypothesis on the internet because of the latest Bungie’s weekly updates.

Community manager DeeJ told the fans that next week’s update will be shorter because of Thanksgiving, after which, Bungie will be travelling to Anaheim, California:

A week after the Thanksgiving event, we will pack our bags and travel to CA in Anaheim. Why we go there is a mystery. But we will soon be at the finish line.

This is pretty curious, since PlayStation Experience will be held in Anaheim from December 3 to 4. Are they hiding something? Will Destiny 2 be showed at PlayStation Experience?

More information will be probably given within the next month.

However, Destiny 2 is coming out good and Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg revealed some details during latest meeting with the investors.

We are excited about Destiny 2’s release in 2017 .This sequel is designed to excite both old fans of series and new fans, featuring a good amount of great content to have fun with. However, even if demand for new content has outpaced our ability to deliver upon that demand, but we and Bungie have found a way to keep our players focused on the game’s universe, at least until Destiny 2 launch.

What kind of content are you expecting from Bungie? There’s something you want to change?

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Waiting for PlayStation Experience in December, Destiny is already out for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360, while Destiny 2 is releasing in 2017 for consoles and PC.