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Backwards Compatible Xbox Games Get New Packaging

Now that the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility service is two years old, anyone that buys an Xbox 360 game at a store may now notice that the packaging is rather noticeably different. The backwards compatible Xbox games have gotten new packaging, so that you can know which ones will run on an Xbox One.

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Considering that there are dozens of backwards compatible Xbox games available on the service now, a significant portion of the most popular Xbox 360 games have been added onto the service, including games like the Mass Effect series, the Gears of War games, Fallout 3, Bayonetta, and more. With more and more games being added to the service all the time, it’s likely players will be seeing the new Xbox packaging a lot more in stores.

The new packaging for backwards compatible Xbox 360 games will resemble an Xbox One game, with the solid green exterior with “Xbox One” put on the top. However, it will also have “Xbox 360” alongside it.

Multiple other highly popular games have been added to the program in the last few weeks, such as EA’s Skate 3 coming out last week (the game had previously gone back on the shelves after YouTuber PewDiePie brought it back into the spotlight). Rockstar Games’s Red Dead Redemption, which has recently had a sequel announced for it that will be coming out in the fall of next year, was also put onto the backwards compatibility service several weeks ago.

The Xbox One backwards compatibility program is capable of being used either with digital games that you can buy off of the Xbox One Store, or through physical copies of Xbox 360 games that you already have.

Considering the amount of backwards compatible Xbox games that are available on the Xbox One right now, there’s bound to be one game that you haven’t played since the Xbox One came out that you can revisit.