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Watch Dogs 2 Player Is Now Unbanned From Playstation Network

A rather bizarre episode in the history of Watch Dogs 2 has now finally come to an end, after one particular Watch Dogs 2 player, a NeoGAF user by the name of Goron2000, was banned from the Playstation Network by Sony after discovering that a woman in the game had a fully modeled…you know.

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The controversy began when Goron2000 got the game early through some quirk of the postal system, and began playing. During one incident where he caused an explosion in an alleyway that killed a number of female NPCs, he saw where the sun don’t shine on one of the women, and took a picture before sharing it with his friends on Twitter and one of the Watch Dogs 2 early release threads on NeoGAF.

Several hours later, Goron2000 attempted to log into his Playstation Network account in order to continue playing the game, only to find out that he had gotten banned from it on account of the picture he posted, which went in violation against Sony’s rule against posting sexually explicit content.

A debate quickly began over a number of different things: while the Watch Dogs 2 player was in the wrong to violate the Playstation Network’s rules and post a picture of female genitalia on the internet, the fact that someone on the Watch Dogs 2 development team thought it was important enough to model female NPCs to that level of detail is kind of creepy, to be honest.

Ubisoft has since announced that they’ll be patching that particular part of the game models out, and the unfortunate Watch Dogs 2 player that discovered it has thankfully had his Playstation Network account re-instated as of yesterday evening.

Hopefully, while Watch Dogs 2 likely has more surprises in it, none of the other parts of the game have any of these sorts of…”surprises”…again, so that no one gets banned by accident.