Sea Of Thieves New Video Diary Focuses On The Creation Of Islands

Sea Of Thieves is one of the most anticipated games to release next year. Developer Rare did not share any new details about the game for quite some time and now the developers have released a new video diary for the game that focuses on the islands.

In the video level art lead, Darren Nourish, and environment artist, Joachim Coppens, discuss the islands within the Sea Of Thieves their designs and more.

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Recently, Rare’s Mike Chapman discussed the progression system and the character customization in Sea Of Thieves. He revealed that the system in place is quite detailed and leaves the player with an array of choices; when it comes to character customization.

Players will be able to customize a lot of aspects of their character, such as their clothing, their trinkets and how they look overall. Players will also be able to progress the things they have such as equipment and weapons.

He also revealed that players will be able to customize and upgrade the ships they own. One of the most exciting features about the game is playing on someone else’s ship. This allows you to see the choices they made and how they are progressing.

He also revealed that players will not be forced to play in large groups and players has the choice to play as they want.

Players will be able to adventure on their own small ship, embarking on the same types of quests, taking advantage of emergent opportunities and progressing to the point where they begin to customize both their ship and character, just like players who may prefer to play in larger groups.

Sea Of Thieves is an action-adventure MMO in development at Rare and will launch in 2017 exclusively for PC and Xbox One.