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Rainbow Six Siege Red Crow Update To Be Available Today, Adds New Operators And Map

Ubisoft will be releasing the Rainbow Six Siege Red Crow update on all platforms, marking the end of Year 1 of content updates for the game, with just the mid-season Bartlett University update remaining before Year 2 begins.

As revealed earlier, the Rainbow Six Siege Red Crow update will bring with it two new operators from Japan, Echo and Hibana, a new map as well as new cosmetic updates in the form of legendary character outfits and some themed weapon skins.

The legendary character outfits, referred to as Elite Sets combine matching uniform, headgear, operator portrait card, charm as well as new additions to the game; Signature Victory animations to operators in the game.

Rainbow Six Siege Red Crow update will add Elite Sets for Kapkan, Sledge and Thermite while other operators will soon follow.

As expected, the update will also include various tweaks and bug fixes for the game, perhaps the biggest of which is the revamped caliber destruction system. With this new addition, bullet holes in walls should now be more consistent with the type of weapon that was used to make them i.e. a pistol will make small holes while a marksman rifle’s bullet will result in a bigger impact on a wall.

Damages shot to the limbs, chest and neck are adjusted for more consistent damage when spraying bullets at the chest area. The damage multiplier for limbs are now set at 1x for limbs while the neck is set to 2.5x, identical to the head. By extension, a shot to the neck will count as a headshot.

Undoubtedly the biggest balance change has to be the removal of ACOG scope from SMG-11 sidearm in order to balance the game and ensure that attackers aren’t ‘sniped’ at spawn by a defender through a window using the sidearm.

The full patch notes can be seen here. Servers will go down for a 4-hour maintenance period for all platforms starting at 9am EST.