PS4 Update 4.06 Rolling Out Today To Bring Stability

A new month means yet another PS4 “stability” update, this time in the form of PS4 update 4.06 released today. Since the release of PS4’s major 4.0 update, the console has now undergone multiple updates all to improve system stability.

Like previous updates, including software update 4.05 released back in October, Sony hasn’t released much details about what exactly goes on in these stability updates besides mentioning that

This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.

PS4 update 4.06 weighs in at around 297MB and is currently available on both PS4 and PS4 Pro. Given the history of PS4’s updates resulting in issues, it is better to stay on update 4.05 for now if you are in no hurry to go online and play some games.

Once reports start coming in that the new update actually does stabilize the platform instead of creating some more issues, everyone should update their console.

The PS4 update 4.06 is currently being rolled out in waves so if someone still hasn’t received it, they need not worry as their turn will come soon.

The update is currently not available to download directly from the PlayStation website so PS4 users will have to be patient if they don’t want to download the patch directly on their console.

Update 4.01, 4.05 and 4.06 have all been released to further improve the major patch 4.00 released in September. The changelog of update 4.0 mentioned big improvements and additions to PS4 such as:

• [Quick Menu] Users can access features related with current running/game application without leaving it as well as have freedom to customize the menu.
• View trophies for games that users are currently playing
• Check if Friends are online
• Start Share Play, or start a broadcast of current gameplay
• Control music playback (*Not available on 4.00 Beta)
• Content Launcher/Library] Users can create folders to arrange their games and applications
• [Data Transfer] Users can transfer all their games, saved data, captures and settings from one PS4 to another

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