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Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon Guide – Best Pokemon From Red, Yellow, and Blue You Should Import

This has been a good year for Pokemon fans, Pokemon Go released and warmed us up for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Now that the game is finally within our reach we can get to strategizing.

Pokemon Sun and Moon allows players to import Pokemon from various other games. The following guide will suggest the best Pokemon from Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, the virtual console versions.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon Best Pokemon From Red, Yellow, and Blue

Game: Pokemon Yellow (Can evolve from Magikarp in Red and Blue)

Location: Fuchsia City

It is a first generation Pokemon and comes with a massive HP pool. Gyarado is a Water/Flying type and has a range of HMs and TMs. The Pokemon can use Dragon Rage, Hyper Beam, and Fire Blast to great effect in Pokemon Sun and Moon.


Game: Red, Blue, and Yellow

Location: Unknown Dungeon

Mewtwo is one of the most powerful Pokemon you can have. It comes with great stats, dangerous Psychic attack, and has two different Mega Evolutions.


Game: Pokemon Red, Yellow, Blue

Location: The Safari Zone

Impressive mega evolutions made this Pokemon a must have for Pokemon Sun and Moon. His Parental Bond ability allows it to his twice in the same move, doing more damage to the enemy.


Game: Pokemon Red and Yellow

Location: Find Growlithe in the Pokemon Mansion

Arcanine is a very useful Pokemon that has interesting abilities such as Will-O-Wisp for burning the enemy, and Intimidate that lowers the attack of your opponents.

Charmander Family

Game: Pokemon Red, Yellow, Blue

Location: Route 24 in Pokemon Yellow, starter Pokemon in Red and Blue

Charizard comes with two different mega evolutions and is among some of the finest in the current generation. Train your Charmander to Charizard and you will have a field day with many of your dangerous opponents.


Game: Pokemon Red, Yellow, Blue

Location: Power Plant

It is a strong offensive Pokemon with special abilities that like high speed attacks. It is a decent alternative to Thundurus and it one of the three Legendary Birds of Kanto.

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